A Note from the Mayor...

Dear Citizens,

For those that may not have seen it, on Wednesday, April 29th, Gov. Hutchinson announced that
Arkansas restaurants may reopen limited dine-in services for customers. This is effective May 11th,
restrictions apply and this will be known as Phase I. More Phases will follow in future dates. Some
examples of Phase I conditions under which restaurants will be allowed to reopen include: seating
capacity is limited to 33%, restaurant employees must be gloved, wear masks and practice other safety guidelines and bars in restaurants will be closed. For greater detail, go to https://www.healthy.arkansas.gov/progra…/…/novel-coronavirus.

On Thursday, April 30th, Gov. Hutchinson announced gyms, fitness centers etc. will be allowed to reopen effective May 4th. Restrictions will be in place such as temperature checks for staff, face coverings for staff and patrons, screenings for staff and patrons, travelers to certain places are not allowed to enter and so on. Gov. Hutchinson also advised on April 30th that the state is not ready for team sports or youth sports which are currently on hold until May 30th. Announcements will be made toward the end of May about the options, if any, for youth sports this summer.

As of Tuesday, April 28th, Marion had a total of 68 residents that tested positive for COVID 19. Of the 68 positive tests, 38 had recovered and 30 were still considered to be active cases. From what I observe, our citizens are doing the right thing and keeping their "social distance". I think this contributes greatly to holding our numbers down and keeping the infection rate down. Keep up the good work, be mindful of washing your hands, minimize hand to face, eyes, nose, etc. and avoid those that are obviously sick.

I recently spoke with a local small business owner that has had no income for nearly six weeks. This business owner still has rent, utilities, insurance, car payments, home mortgage payments and uncertainty as to their future ability to make these payments and provide for their family. There are similar stories throughout our city, county, state and country. Please pray for these business owner/operators and for a quick solution to the COVID 19 virus that allows all to return to their work and greater productivity. I note that another local business owner/operator, that is providing limited services to their customers, has observed that they are working twice as hard for less than half of the daily income that they are accustomed to receiving.

Several forms of assistance to business owners are available from the state. For more detail on the types of assistance, please check https://governor.arkansas.gov or follow the City of Marion Facebook page for the most up to date information on available assistance. I applaud Gov. Hutchinson for the steps he has taken to allow Arkansas businesses to begin to reopen and look forward to more positive news for businesses and our citizens in the near future.


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Summaries of Governor Asa Hutchinson's daily comments are posted on Crittenden Co. Judge Woody Wheeless' Facebook page. Visit this link for Judge Wheeless' latest comments.

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A message from Mayor Frank Fogleman

Welcome to Marion and thank you for visiting our website. There is much to learn about Marion and I encourage you to use each of our links for more information about our great city.


The county seat of Crittenden County, Arkansas, Marion lies in the shadow of downtown Memphis. Marion combines the very best of a small town atmosphere and a highly regarded public school system with the nearby amenities of big city Memphis. A recent article in the Memphis Commercial Appeal newspaper described Marion as a bedroom community to the city of Memphis. Many of our residents confirm this thought with comments on how much they enjoy living in our small town and yet are able to access big city amenities in just a few minutes.

Marion has experienced unprecedented growth in recent years, growing from over 10,000, as confirmed in our September 2006 special census, to over 12,000 in April of 2010. We expect our population to exceed 13,000 by the time of the next decennial census as we continue to experience new homes being built at a steady pace. 


Although Marion has been called a bedroom community, there is far more to us than that. Being a runner-up in 2007 for the location of Toyota Motors’ eighth automotive plant in North America created a positive “buzz” about Marion both locally and nationally. This “buzz” has helped Marion become a catalyst for attracting several automotive related industries into North Eastern Arkansas. 2004 saw the breaking of ground in Marion for the Hino Motors Manufacturing axle assembly plant, Hino Motor’s first plant built specifically for Hino in North America. Other notable industries in Marion include Cooper Glass and Ritter Disposables. In 1996, Marion became home to one of Union Pacific Railroad’s largest inland intermodal operations. Marion is also becoming a welcoming place for visitors to the Mid-South as nearly 300 hotel and motel rooms are available daily with easy access to Exit 10 of I-55.


We are a progressive, forward looking city that has overwhelming civic support and pride. A four million dollar bond issue to build a recreation complex in 1998 received a voter approval rating of over 80%. Eight years later, an almost nine million dollar bond issue to finance several public improvements received voter approval rating between 79% and 92% on the various questions before the voters. Again, in 2017, voters approved over seventeen million in projects for each city department with voter approval ranging from 74% to 80% for the different projects. Our school district has embraced the magnet school concept and is rapidly becoming noted as a school district focused on quality and innovation. 


Our citizens take pride in the many youth, school, church, and civic activities that provide the fibers of weaving the fabric of a small town. In fact, many of our new residents are drawn to Marion because of the quality school system and the various opportunities for youth, family and civic involvement, as well as our low crime rate and property taxes that are less than half those in the nearby areas.


Again, thank you for visiting our website and please take a few moments to visit our links or give us a call. We will be glad to forward you more detailed information about our great city and you will be glad you checked us out.

Mayor Frank A. Fogleman




This temporary issue is due to a necessary software upgrade. Please call (870) 739-3073 for any questions or clarification. We apologize for any inconvenience over the last few weeks due to this change, and we appreciate your patience and cooperation.


As information regarding Coronavirus precautions are changing rapidly, be assured that the City of Marion is dedicated to providing city services while protecting our employees and residents. The following is updated information from each city department.


The Sultana Museum is closed until further notice.

Parks Dept.
All City of Marion ballfields have been closed until further notice. These decisions are based on information provided by Federal and State agencies. All walking trails, parks and playgrounds will remain open to the public, but we ask that you follow the rules of social distancing and do not gather in groups or allow children to play in groups.

Public Works:
The garbage pick-up schedule is unchanged with the exception of changes due to holidays. Visit the Residents' Quick Info page for announcements regarding holiday schedules. Please call 870-739-5419 with any questions regarding garbage pick-up or any other sanitation issues.

Water Department:
The Water department is closed to walk-in traffic. Residents are encouraged to use the payment drop box, or to pay online via x-press-pay.com, or call 870-739-3073 to pay with credit or debit card. Cash payments, in a sealed envelope, may be placed in the drop box located next to the front door of the water department. If requested, a receipt will be mailed for cash payments.

City Hall:
The Building Inspector and the Permit Office are operating but closed to walk-in traffic. Those services may be arranged and conducted by calling 870-739-5416.

The City Court is under the governance of the Arkansas Office of the Courts and is closed until further notice. If you have any business with the city court, please contact 870-739-5411 for amended court schedules and instructions for payment of fines.

Marion Police Department:
Police officer patrols are continuing as usual. With respect to employee safety, access to the Police Department building is controlled. If you have questions or concerns requiring an officer, please contact 870-739-2101.  

Additional questions or concerns may be directed to Mayor Frank Fogleman, 870-739-3289. You may also contact Chamber of Commerce President Tracy Brick, 870-733-5767. 


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