Quick Information and How Do I...?

Utility Providers


Pay Bill
1. Walmart Neighborhood Market
2100 Hwy 77
2. Marion Marketplace
220 East Military Road

Gas--Summit Utilities

Water and Sanitation Services--City of Marion
Water Department

Online payments:

Sanitation Issues
City Hall: 870.739.5410
Email: cityhall@marionarkansas.org

Where Do My Taxes Go?
City of Marion total tax rate: 10.25%
State: 6.50%
County: 1.75%
City: 2.00 %
Additional 1% Advertising & Promotion Hospitality Tax

(charged for lodging & prepared foods)

City Employment
Please visit our Employment page for current city job openings and application.

Street Light Repair/ Outage
Contact City Hall
Reference Pole Number
(listed on light pole)
Phone: 870.739.5410
Email: cityhall@marionarkansas.org

Water Leak
Phone: 870.739.3073 (24 hours/day)
Email: waterdept@marionarkansas.org

Used Tire Disposal
Crittenden County Landfill
(The city sanitation department does not pick up used tires.)

Vehicle Tags and
Driver's License
Arkansas State Revenue Department
2921 Highway 77
(Bella Vista Commons Complex)
Phone: 870.739.4494

Maps and Brochures
Marion Chamber of Commerce
Information Center
13 East Military Road
Email: chamber@marionarkansas.org

Permits are available for download here.
Phone: 870.739.5410
Email: planning@marionarkansas.org

Zoning Ordinances & Map

The Zoning Ordinances and map may be found here.

Trash Pick-Up Information

The City of Marion utilizes a one-arm truck for trash pick-up, meaning that the arm of the truck will pick up cans.

Residents are asked to take extra care to be sure the garbage can is placed close to the road and out of the way from anything that would block the truck's arm movement, including vehicles, mailboxes, etc.

 The trucks will also pick up raked leaves that are bagged.

For garbage and recycling pick-up schedules, replacement trash cans, or other trash-related questions, please contact City Hall at 870.739.5410 or cityhall@marionarkansas.org.

Inclement Weather Policy
During winter weather, trash collection is subject to weather and road conditions. We appreciate your patience during inclement weather. Garbage routes will run as road conditions permit. Please ensure the area in front and around your container is salted and clear of snow and ice. This will help ensure your trash service runs effectively during cold weather.