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Sultana Disaster Museum
104 Washington Street

Explore the Sultana Disaster Museum, situated just north of Marion, which is dedicated to unraveling the tragic events surrounding the Sultana Steamboat disaster in 1865. This museum delves into the aftermath of the worst maritime tragedy in U.S. history, unfolding right after the conclusion of the Civil War.

The museum's mission is to recount the lost stories of the disaster and the individuals who lived through this harrowing experience, offering a poignant exploration of a critical chapter in American history.

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Sultana Museum

Current Museum

Future Museum

Future Museum

Marion Countryside Loop

Embarking on a cycling adventure in the Arkansas Delta presents an enjoyable and educational experience suitable for the whole family. For a leisurely biking excursion, consider exploring the recently established Marion Countryside Loop.

Spanning over 30 miles within the city of Marion, this loop invites riders to immerse themselves in the scenic beauty of the Arkansas Delta landscape. The route encompasses flat Delta terrain, ensuring a smooth and accessible ride for every member of the family.

Countryside Loop

Countryside Loop

Countryside Bike Loop