City Council meetings are regularly scheduled on the fourth Tuesday of each month.
You may submit a request to be added to a City Council meeting agenda here.

The City of Marion is governed by the mayor and six at-large city council members, each serving four-year terms. The City also has an elected City Clerk and an appointed City Treasurer.

Contact information for city officials may be obtained by contacting City Hall at 870-739-5410. You may use the contact form located on the "Contact Us" page to have an email directed to any city official you specify in your message body. The current roster of city officials is shown below. 

Mayor Frank Fogleman

Ward 1 Councilman David Bigger
Ward 1 Councilman Kelsey Pirani Hensley
Ward 2 Councilman Jim Spence

Ward 2 Councilman Cliff Wood

Ward 3 Councilman Sherry Holliman

Ward 3 Councilman Bryan Jackson

(Click here for ward map) Note: File may take several moments to load.

City Treasurer David Rikard
City Clerk Patty James
City Attorney James Hale
District Court Judge Fred Thorne

Where Do My Taxes Go?

The City of Marion has a total tax rate of 10.25% as of January 1, 2021. There is an additional 1% Advertising & Promotion "hospitality tax" charged for lodging and prepared food.

The regular 10.25% tax breakdown is:
State - 6.50%
County - 1.75%
City - 2.00%

Voting ward map 11-19-2018.jpg

City Council Agendas
Agendas are posted as draft documents.

10/26/21 Agenda

9/23/21 Agenda

8/24/21 Agenda

7/27/21 Agenda

6/22/21 Agenda

5/25/21 Agenda


4/27/21 Agenda

3/30/21 Agenda

2/23/21 Agenda

1/26/21 Agenda

11/24/20 Agenda

10/26/20 Agenda

9/21/20 Agenda

8/25/20 Agenda

7/28/20 Agenda

6/23/20 Agenda

5/26/20 Agenda

4/28/20 Agenda

3/24/20 Council Meeting Cancelled

2/25/20 Agenda

1/28/20 Agenda

11/26/19 Agenda

10/22/19 Agenda

9/16/19 Agenda

8/19/19 Agenda

7/23/19 Agenda

6/25/19 Agenda

5/28/19 Agenda

4/23/19 Agenda

3/26/19 Agenda

2/26/19 Agenda


1/22/19 Agenda

Copies of agendas prior to 1/22/19 can be obtained by contacting City Hall at 870-739-5410.


City Ordinances


City  ordinances are public information and can be obtained by contacting City Hall at 870-739-5410.